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Pleyr is a Music Bot for Discord, and it's completely free.
Pleyr is online 24/7, updated frequently and created with love.

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Discord Music Bot

Custom Prefix

DJ Role



Available Commands

Command Description Example
help Lists all commands help
join Joins a channel join
play [query|url] Add a song to the queue play Bob Marley
forceplay [query|url] Plays a song directly, skipping the current song forceplay Bob Marley
pause Pause current song pause
resume Resumes current song resume
queue [page] List the queue, page is optional queue
queue 2
clearqueue Clears the queue and stops playing clearqueue
skip Skip current song skip
np Show the song that is currently playing np
shuffle Shuffles the queue shuffle
remove [index|range|user] Remove a song from the playlist (index, range or mention a user) remove 1
remove 5-10
remove @YourBuddy
move [old index] [new index] Move a songs from one index to another move 5 1
volume [0-100] Set the volume (note: going over 100 will distort) volume 75
mute Mute the bot mute
unmute Unmute the bot unmute
statistics Show the statistics for you, the server and globally statistics
blacklist show Lists blacklisted songs blacklist show
voicechannel show Lists blocked voicechannels for the bot voicechannel show

Admin commands

Command Description Example
blacklist add [YouTube-url] Adds a YouTube video to the blacklist blacklist add
blacklist remove [YouTube-id] Removes a YouTube video to the blacklist blacklist remove j5C6X9vOEkU
voicechannel disallow [channel-name] Blocks the bot from joining a channel voicechannel disallow Competitive
voicechannel allow [channel-name] Removes the the channel from the blacklist voicechannel allow Competitive
dj role [role] Set the DJ role dj role DeeJay
dj require [command] Set a command to DJ-only (help command is always public) dj require remove
dj require blacklist add
dj remove [command] Remove DJ-only from a command dj remove remove
dj remove blacklist add
prefix [char] Set the prefix for commands char .
char whatever
  • Help command is always available
  • Administrators can always run every command
  • Admin commands can only be ran by administrators. When you give admin-only commands DJ-only, DJ's are also able to run this command.


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